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Potential Business Impact – Word flaw

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Dear Customer, We are writing to inform all Microsoft® Office users of a new zero-day attack that installs malware onto fully patched systems running Microsoft's operating system via an Office vulnerability. We recommend taking extreme caution when opening any Word documents via email. Especially emails from from unknown senders. Microsoft Office has a feature called “Protected View” that is enabled by default; however, you should double check your settings to make sure that this feature is turned on. Vertisys is currently taking action to ensure your systems are as secure as possible by enabling "sandboxing" of emails for our Barracuda customers and pushing a group policy to our Intermedia customers to enforce "protected mode" in Microsoft Word. There is currently no patch for this bug, however Microsoft is expected to release a fix within its next round of security updates tomorrow. Once released, Vertisys will push the patch automatically to all VIP customers.Add your text herethis is another text box


See below for a sample e-mail from the Dridex exploit: