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In this day and age of email and document proliferation and regulation, it’s critical that an organization be able to maintain control of the email and document assets within its own network, as well as with the outside world. Over the last several years, document management (DMS) tools have been developed in order to deal with this growing issue. Many DMS software companies have developed many different products with a wide variety of features, but none of them really addressed all of the requirements of a diverse set of users. Now, however, one company has distinguished itself and risen above the rest of the DM software providers by doing just that. It’s called HP/Autonomy/iManage.   Vertisys became an Autonomy dealer in 2001 and has since deployed the system in law firms and other businesses all over the Southeast. iManage has become the de facto standard at law firms nationwide, and is quickly doing the same in other industries, as well. Vertisys offers consulting, installation and configuration of iManage, and operates a center staffed by HP trained and authorized personnel. Call Vertisys and let us show you how we can help you regain control and implement content management at your organization.

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