Why Vertisys

A Targeted Approach to IT

For more than 28 years, Vertisys has been helping clients maximize their productivity and protect their data by humanizing the technology and making it work for their unique circumstances. Believing that deep expertise brings more value to our clients, we offer a broad range of services to a handful of industries and professions, including real estate, construction, architects, engineers, and veterinary hospitals. No other system integrator in the Atlanta area has as much focused experience or spends as much time expanding their knowledge on what works best for businesses in these industries. We take a great deal of pride in our work and regularly come to the table with new ideas and unique ways to make our clients’ lives easier by making their systems work for them and not the other way around.

Solutions That Work For You

One size never fits all, and what works for one firm will not meet the needs of others. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t best practices to consider either. Our approach combines the best of both worlds to source the best software and equipment, improve reliability, safeguard your data, and give your staff the flexibility they need for greater productivity. Our team members have the necessary expertise to effectively create systems that will grow with your firm and back up that work with a personal touch and dedication that goes far beyond satisfaction to delight.

Local Support When You Need It

Our goal is to keep each and every client for the long-term, which is why we spend so much time ensuring that your technology is reliable and consistently up and running. On the rare occasion that something does go wrong, we are there to correct it as quickly as possible, often before you even know anything has gone awry.

If you are ready for a company that takes a different approach, contact us today. Our dedicated staff will help you determine the best technology and systems that will meet your business’ needs and increase your network speed and security.

As Chief Operations Officer of a commercial Architectural firm, I have outsourced our IT for over 15 years. Almost a year ago, I hired Vertisys to completely manage our IT. I have had an excellent experience. The services provided are consistent and the company is well organized and efficient. The president, Matt Baldwin, is a well-rounded leader who not only possesses the necessary technical expertise to be “hands on” if needed, but also has the general practical business knowledge needed to understand his clients’ business needs. He has a strong group of managers and technical engineers. I have been very pleased.

- Susan Phillips, Chief Operating Officer with Phillips Partnership
About Us

At Vertisys we work to build trust with our clients to create lasting relationships by imparting our knowledge and experience to develop quality technology solutions. We hold to strong ethical conduct codes and strive to maintain a high degree of integrity in every business relationship. Contact us today to see why businesses throughout the South East trust is with their technology needs.

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